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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Cotton 2ArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter1997
Cotton 2Sega ST-VSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter1997
Cotton BoomerangSega ST-VSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter1998
Cotton BoomerangArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter1998
D-ConArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter1992
Guardian ForceArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter1998
Guardian ForceSega ST-VSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter1998
Kyuukyoku no OthelloArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Tabletop1990
Otenami HaikenArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Mini-Games1999
Otenami Haiken FinalArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Multi2005
OthelloArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Tabletop1984
OthelloMicrosoft WindowsSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Tabletop1984
Othello ShiyouyoSega ST-VSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Tabletop1998
Othello ShiyouyoArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Tabletop1998
Psyvariar 2 - The Will To FabricateArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter2003
Psyvariar -Medium Unit-ArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter2000
Psyvariar -Revision-ArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Shooter2000
RyuKyuArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Puzzle1990
Super OthelloArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Tabletop1986
Tetris KiwamemichiArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.Puzzle2004
Zoku OtenamihaikenArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.2000
ZoooArcadeSuccess - ASCIISuccess Corp.2004

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