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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Ale HopMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Ale HopMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Black BeardMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Black BeardSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Black BeardMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Black BeardAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Chicago 30'sAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftShooter1988
Chicago 30'sMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftShooter1988
Chicago 30'sSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftShooter1988
Chicago 30'sMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftShooter1988
ColiseumMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftRacing1988
ColiseumMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftRacing1988
ColiseumAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftRacing1988
Drazen Petrovic BasketAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftSports1989
Drazen Petrovic BasketCommodore 64Topo SoftTopo SoftSports1989
Drazen Petrovic BasketMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftSports1989
Drazen Petrovic BasketMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftSports1989
Drazen Petrovic BasketSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftSports1989
Emilio Butragueño FútbolMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftSports1988
Emilio Butragueño FútbolMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftSports1988
Emilio Butragueño FútbolAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftSports1987
Espada SagradaAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftAdventure1990
Espada SagradaMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftAdventure1990
Espada SagradaMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftAdventure1990
Gremlins 2: The New BatchMSXTopo SoftErbe SoftwareAction1990
Gremlins 2: The New BatchSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftErbe SoftwareAction1990
Gremlins 2: The New BatchMSX 2Topo SoftErbe SoftwareAction1990
Gun.SmokeMSX 2Topo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
Gun.SmokeAmstrad CPCTopo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
Gun.SmokeSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
Gun.SmokeMSXTopo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
La Espada SagradaSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftAdventure1990
LornaAtari STTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1990
LornaCommodore AmigaTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1990
Mad MixCommodore 64Topo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Mad MixAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1988
Mad Mix 2Amstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1990
Mad Mix 2MSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftAction1990
Mad Mix 2Sinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1990
Mad Mix 2MSXTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1990

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