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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
0LDSK00L DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainManuDemo2002
2D Narrow EscapeGCE VectrexGCEFred Taft1983
3D Crazy CoasterGCE VectrexGCEGCESimulation1983
3D DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainChris SalomonDemo2000
3D Mine StormGCE VectrexGCEGCEShooter1983
3D Narrow EscapeGCE VectrexGCEGCEShooter1983
3-D Scrolling DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainChristopher TumberDemo2001
4-D Rotating Cube DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainDemo1999
7 Demos (A.K.A. 3D Demo 7)GCE VectrexPublic DomainChris SalomonDemo1998
8 BallGCE VectrexPublic DomainChristopher Tumber2001
Abyss DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainDemo1999
All Good ThingsGCE VectrexJohn DondzilaJohn DondzilaVarious
All Your Base DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainManuDemo2001
Alpha Test DemoGCE VectrexPublic Domain2001
AnimAction: Advanced AnimationGCE VectrexGCEGCEEducational1983
Animation DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainManuDemo2002
Armor AttackGCE VectrexGCECinematronicsArcade1982
ArsekGCE VectrexPublic DomainMarq2000
Art MasterGCE VectrexGCEGCEEducational1983
Battle Earth Terror Hazard & Vecsports BoxingGCE VectrexPublic DomainManu2000
Battle Earth Terror Hazard (Version 1)GCE VectrexPublic DomainManu2000
Battle Earth Terror Hazard (Version 2)GCE VectrexPublic DomainManu2000
Battle Earth Terror Hazard (Version 3)GCE VectrexPublic DomainManu2000
Battle Earth Terror Hazard (Version 4)GCE VectrexPublic DomainManu2000
Battlezone DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainChristopher Tumber2001
BB2 DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainManu2002
BCor-FTS DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainClay CowgillDemo1997
BedlamGCE VectrexMilton BradleyGCEArcade1983
BerzerkGCE VectrexGCEStern Electronics, Inc.Arcade1982
Berzerk (Debugged Prototype)GCE VectrexGCEStern Electronics, Inc.Arcade1982
Birds of PreyGCE VectrexPublic DomainJohn Dondzila1999
Blitz! Action FootballGCE VectrexGCEGCESports1982
Bubble Bobble (Diamond Room)GCE VectrexPublic DomainChris Salomon1998
Calibration DemoGCE VectrexPublic DomainChristopher Tumber
CGM ExampleGCE VectrexPublic DomainMarq2000
Clean SweepGCE VectrexGCEGCEAction1982
Clean Sweep: Mr. Boston VersionGCE VectrexGCEGCEAction1982
Collision TestGCE VectrexPublic DomainManu2000
Cosmic ChasmGCE VectrexMilton BradleyGCEArcade1982
Curved Lines DemoGCE VectrexPublic Domain1998

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