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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
1941: Counter AttackNEC PC EngineHudson SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
1943 KaiNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
After Burner IINEC PC EngineNEC CorporationSegaShooter1990
Air BusterNEC PC EngineKaneko Co., Ltd.Kaneko Co., Ltd.Shooter1990
Air ZonkNEC PC EngineHudson SoftRED CompanyShooter1992
Alien CrushNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftNaxat SoftTraditional1988
BallistixNEC PC EngineCoconuts Japan Entertain...Reflections InteractiveAction1991
BarunbaNEC PC EngineNamco LimitedZAP CorporationShooter1989
Batman: The Video GameNEC PC EngineSunSoft, Ltd.SunSoft, Ltd.Shooter1990
Battle Lode RunnerNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1993
Blazing LazersNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1989
Bloody WolfNEC PC EngineData East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1989
BombermanNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1990
Bomberman '93NEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1992
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big AdventureNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationA.I Co., Ltd.Action1993
Bonk's AdventureNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1990
Bonk's RevengeNEC PC EngineHudson SoftRED CompanyAction1991
BravomanNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationNamco LimitedAction1990
CadashNEC PC EngineWorking DesignsTaito CorporationRole-Playing1991
Chew Man FuNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationNow ProductionAction1990
ColumnsNEC PC EngineShin-Nihon Laser SoftSegaPuzzle1991
Coryoon: Child of DragoonNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftNaxat SoftShooter1991
Cyber KnightNEC PC EngineTonkin HouseCompileRole-Playing1990
Darius AlphaNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationTaito CorporationShooter1990
Darius+NEC PC EngineNEC CorporationTaito CorporationShooter1990
Dead MoonNEC PC EngineNatsume, Inc.Studio DucksShooter1991
Detana!! TwinBeeNEC PC EngineKonamiKonamiShooter1992
Devil's CrushNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationNaxat SoftTraditional1990
Die HardNEC PC EngineNihon Corp.Pack-In-VideoAction1990
Disney's Darkwing DuckNEC PC EngineTurbo TechnologiesInteractive DesignsPuzzle1992
Disney's TaleSpinNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationInteractive DesignsAction1991
Don Doko DonNEC PC EngineTaito CorporationTaito CorporationPuzzle1990
Dragon Saber: After Story of Dragon SpiritNEC PC EngineNamco LimitedNamco LimitedShooter1991
Dragon Spirit: The New LegendNEC PC EngineNamco LimitedNamco LimitedAction1988
Dungeon ExplorerNEC PC EngineAtlus Co., Ltd.Hudson SoftRole-Playing1989
Fantasy ZoneNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationSegaShooter1988
Final Lap TwinNEC PC EngineNEC CorporationNamco LimitedRacing1990
Final SoldierNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1991
Fushigi no Yume no AliceNEC PC EngineFACEFACEAction1990
Galaga '90NEC PC EngineNEC CorporationNamco LimitedShooter1989

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