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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Abeille, L' - Spina The BeePhilips VG 5000PhilipsArcade1984
Affichage Des PolicesPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
AlunissagePhilips VG 50001985
Analyse De Factuer 1erPhilips VG 5000Educational
Anglais Volume 1Philips VG 5000Educational
Anglais Volume 2Philips VG 5000Educational
BackgammonPhilips VG 5000PhilipsGambling1984
BlitzPhilips VG 5000Shoot'em Up
Bris de GlacePhilips VG 5000PhilipsArcade1984
BudgetPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
Carnet D'AdressesPhilips VG 5000
Carotte Malicieuse, LaPhilips VG 5000VIFI/NathanEducational1985
Carte De FrancePhilips VG 5000Educational
CitadellePhilips VG 5000LoricielsAdventure1984
Cle Des Chants, LaPhilips VG 5000Educational
Compilation [19 Games]Philips VG 5000Arcade
Complements Et MultiplesPhilips VG 5000Educational
Conjugaichouette, LaPhilips VG 5000Educational
Current ContinuPhilips VG 5000Educational
DCAPhilips VG 5000Shoot'em Up
Decouverte Du Basic - Volume 1Philips VG 5000Educational
Decouverte Du Basic - Volume 2Philips VG 5000Educational
Demo 27 CouleursPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
Demo 3 Mode 80 ColonnesPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
Demo 4 Mode 80 ColonnesPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
Demo 5 Mode 80 ColonnesPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
Demo Mode 80 ColonnesPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
DivertissementsPhilips VG 5000Gambling
Equation 3eme degresPhilips VG 5000Educational
FichierPhilips VG 5000Miscellaneous
FootballPhilips VG 5000Sports
Formule BrutePhilips VG 5000Educational
Fou Volant, LePhilips VG 5000Shoot'em Up
Glouton - MunchkinPhilips VG 5000PhilipsArcade1984
HelicopterePhilips VG 5000Arcade
Jeu De DamesPhilips VG 5000Gambling
Jeu De TarotPhilips VG 5000Gambling
Labyrinthe Et La Princesse, LePhilips VG 5000Adventure
LGraph - Vg5216Philips VG 5000Miscellaneous
Lire Vite Et BienPhilips VG 5000Brain

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