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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Android AttackTandy TRS-80 CoCoSpectral AssociatesSpectral AssociatesShooter1982
ArkanoidTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyTaito CorporationAction1989
AstroBlastTandy TRS-80 CoCoMark Data ProductsMark Data ProductsShooter1982
BC BillTandy TRS-80 CoCoImagine SoftwareImagine SoftwareAction1984
BeanstalkerTandy TRS-80 CoCoMicro Vision SoftwareMicro Vision SoftwareAction1986
Buzzard BaitTandy TRS-80 CoCoTom MixRugby CircleAction1983
Calixto IslandTandy TRS-80 CoCoMark Data ProductsMark Data ProductsAdventure1983
Cave WalkerTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandySpectral AssociatesPuzzle1986
Clowns & BalloonsTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyDatasoft, Inc.Action1982
Color MeteoroidsTandy TRS-80 CoCoSpectral AssociatesSpectral AssociatesShooter1981
Color Space InvadersTandy TRS-80 CoCoSpectral AssociatesSpectral AssociatesShooter1981
Crystle CastlesTandy TRS-80 CoCoThundervisionThundervisionAction1984
Cuthbert Goes DiggingTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyMicroDealAction1983
Cuthbert Goes WalkaboutTandy TRS-80 CoCoMicroDealMicroDealAction1983
Cuthbert in the MinesTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyMicroDealAction1984
Dallas QuestTandy TRS-80 CoCoDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
Demon AttackTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyImagicShooter1984
Donald Duck's PlaygroundTandy TRS-80 CoCoSierra On-LineSierra On-LineEducational1984
Donkey KingTandy TRS-80 CoCoTom MixTom MixAction1982
Donkey KongTandy TRS-80 CoCoPersonal SoftwareNintendoAction2007
DownlandTandy TRS-80 CoCoSpectral AssociatesSpectral AssociatesPuzzle1983
Dr. J and Larry Bird Go One on OneTandy TRS-80 CoCoElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsSports1985
Dragon FireTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyImagicAction1984
Dungeons of DaggorathTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyDynaMicroRole-Playing1982
Dunkey MunkeyTandy TRS-80 CoCoIntellectronicsIntellectronicsAction1982
FaceMakerTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandySpinnaker SoftwareEducational1984
Flight Simulator 2Tandy TRS-80 CoCosubLOGICsubLOGICShooter1987
FroggerTandy TRS-80 CoCoSegaKonamiAction1983
GlaxxonsTandy TRS-80 CoCoMark Data ProductsMark Data ProductsShooter1983
Gold Runner 2000Tandy TRS-80 CoCoMediaLink DevelopmentMediaLink DevelopmentPuzzle1997
Ice MasterTandy TRS-80 CoCoArcade AnimationArcade AnimationAction1983
Jungle QuestTandy TRS-80 CoCoScholasticParachute PressEducational1984
Junior's RevengeTandy TRS-80 CoCoComputerwareComputerwareAction1983
Kids on KeysTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandySpinnaker SoftwareEducational1984
KindercompTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandySpinnaker SoftwareEducational1984
King's Quest III: To Heir is HumanTandy TRS-80 CoCoSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1988
Koronis RiftTandy TRS-80 CoCoEpyx, Inc.LucasArts / LucasFilmShooter1987
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge LizardsTandy TRS-80 CoCoSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdult1988
Madness & the MinotaurTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandySpectral AssociatesAdventure1981
Mickey's Space AdventureTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandySierra On-LinePuzzle1986

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