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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
32X Babe PictureSega 32XPublic DomainFonzieAdult
AirSega DreamcastNEC CorporationKeyAdult2001
Bachelor Party/GigoloAtari 2600PlayAroundMystiqueAdult1982
Bachelorette Party/Burning DesireAtari 2600PlayAroundMystiqueAdult1982
Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em/Lady in WadingAtari 2600PlayAroundMystiqueAdult1982
Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and ScalpelsCommodore AmigaMagic BytesreLINE SoftwareAdult1995
Bishoujo ControlMSX 2HARDHARDAdult1989
Bishoujo ControlMSXHARDHARDAdult1989
Bishoujo ControlNintendo NESHacker InternationalHARDAdult1990
Bomb'XAtari STMediagogoMediagogoAdult1993
Bomb'XCommodore AmigaMediagogoMediagogoAdult1993
Bubble Bath BabesNintendo NESPanesianHacker InternationalAdult1991
Can Can Bunny ExtraSega SaturnKID Corp.KID Corp.Adult1997
Centerfold SquaresAtari STCDS MicrosystemsArtworx SoftwareAdult1988
Centerfold SquaresCommodore AmigaArtworx SoftwareArtworx SoftwareAdult1988
ColmenaCommodore AmigaOpera SoftOpera SoftAdult1992
Cybernetic Hi-SchoolMSXGainax Co. Ltd.Gainax Co. Ltd.Adult1990
Cybernetic Hi-SchoolMSX 2Gainax Co. Ltd.Gainax Co. Ltd.Adult1990
Cybernetic Hi-School Part 3: GunbusterMSX 2Gainax Co. Ltd.Gainax Co. Ltd.Adult1990
Cybernetic Hi-School Part 3: GunbusterMSXGainax Co. Ltd.Gainax Co. Ltd.Adult1990
Dal'XCommodore AmigaMediagogoMediagogoAdult1994
Dal'XAtari STMediagogoMediagogoAdult1994
DesireSega SaturnImagineerC's WareAdult1997
Die Stadt der LöwenCommodore AmigaSoftware 2000PhoenicsAdult1990
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good SexApple IIAvalon HillAvalon HillAdult1986
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good SexCommodore 64Avalon HillAvalon HillAdult1986
Dr. StopMSXAlice SoftAlice SoftAdult1990
Dr. StopMSX 2Alice SoftAlice SoftAdult1990
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Everythin'Commodore AmigaAtlantis SoftwarePlasma TouchAdult1991
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Everythin'Atari STAtlantis SoftwarePlasma TouchAdult1991
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Everythin'Amstrad CPCAtlantis SoftwarePlasma TouchAdult1987
Emmanuelle: A Game of EroticismAtari STTomahawkCoktel VisionAdult1989
Emmanuelle: A Game of EroticismCommodore AmigaCoktel VisionCoktel VisionAdult1989
FascinationCommodore AmigaTomahawkCoktel VisionAdult1991
FascinationAtari STTomahawkCoktel VisionAdult1991
GeishaAtari STTomahawkCoktel VisionAdult1990
GeishaCommodore AmigaCoktel VisionCoktel VisionAdult1990
Guy GameMicrosoft XboxGathering of DevelopersTopheavy StudiosAdult
Hell: A Cyberpunk ThrillerPanasonic 3DOGametekTake 2 InteractiveAdult1994
Hollywood PokerAtari STDiamond SoftwareGolden GamesAdult1987

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