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Niji no Silkroad - Nintendo NES

Publisher:Marvelous Interactive  ?              No-Intro:Niji no Silk Road
Developer:NHK Service Center  ?              GoodName:Niji no Silk Road
Year:1991              TOSEC:Niji no Silk Road
Category:Role-Playing              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:N/A              Game Music:N/A

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In game image of Niji no Silkroad on the Nintendo NES.
In Game
Title screen of Niji no Silkroad on the Nintendo NES.
Title Screen
Box cover for Niji no Silkroad on the Nintendo NES.
Cartridge artwork for Niji no Silkroad on the Nintendo NES.
Arcade Cabinet Marquee for Niji no Silkroad.

Niji no Silkroad (?????????, "Rainbow Silkroad") is a role-playing video game for the Japanese version of the NES, the Famicom. It was developed by NHK and published by Victor Interactive Software (now Marvelous Entertainment) in 1991. The game was only released in Japan.

The player controls the main protagonist, an exiled prince of LittleLand that has been recently informed of his royal heritage. To reclaim the throne, the prince must collect seven shards of the Rainbow Mirror and defeat the usurper, Zrool. The shards are scattered throughout South Asia and the prince must trade goods to make his way to each region. Once the mirror is collected, the prince shines it at Zrool and exposes the imposter. The prince then takes his throne as the new king.

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