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Daytona USA 2 - Sega Model 3

Publisher:Sega  ?              No-Intro:N/A
Developer:Sega  ?              GoodName:N/A
Year:1998              TOSEC:N/A
Category:Racing              MAME:daytona2
Controls:N/A              Commands:N/A
Game Manual:N/A              Game Music:N/A

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Also on: Arcade

Series: Daytona USA (Arcade)


In game image of Daytona USA 2 on the Sega Model 3.
In Game
Title screen of Daytona USA 2 on the Sega Model 3.
Title Screen
Arcade Cabinet Marquee for Daytona USA 2.
Advert for Daytona USA 2 on the Sega Model 3.
(Arcade Version)

The wild and hot run is back. 16 people can run together. Not only the body of the machine and the road surface, but also smoke and the flames for the crash scenes are reproduced beautifully. The game also uses the real engines' sounds from the real cars.

Game description from www.arcade-history.com

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