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King of Fighters R-1 - SNK Neo-Geo Pocket

Publisher:SNK Corporation  ?              No-Intro:King of Fighters R-1
Developer:SNK Corporation  ?              GoodName:King of Fighters R-1
Year:1998              TOSEC:King of Fighters R-1
Category:Fighting              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:Download              Game Music:N/A

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In game image of King of Fighters R-1 on the SNK Neo-Geo Pocket.
In Game
Title screen of King of Fighters R-1 on the SNK Neo-Geo Pocket.
Title Screen
Box cover for King of Fighters R-1 on the SNK Neo-Geo Pocket.
Arcade Cabinet Marquee for King of Fighters R-1.

The King of Fighters: R1 marks SNK's first time bringing the KOF series onto a handheld... and what better system than their own Neo Geo Pocket to do just that? 14 of the most well known KOF characters make their appearance in KOF: R-1, along with some recognizable backgrounds and gameplay features based on The King of Fighters '97. Players can choose from "Extra" & "Advance" play modes similar to KOF '97, and most characters play closely to their original versions.

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