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To the Moon Soundtrack - Valve Steam

Publisher:Freebird Games  ?              Steam ID:206450
Developer:Freebird Games  ?              GoodName:N/A
Year:Unknown              TOSEC:N/A
Category:Unknown              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:N/A              Game Music:N/A

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In game image of To the Moon Soundtrack on the Valve Steam.
In Game
Banner artwork for To the Moon Soundtrack.

Original soundtrack of To the Moon, IGF Audio Finalist and nominated for GameSpot's Best Music and Best Song award -- featuring such wonders as two boring notes on repeat that will drive you crazy, and a wonderfully poignant song by Laura Shigihara.

Composed by: Kan Gao, Laura Shigihara

To the Moon - Main Theme 04:56

Between a Squirrel and a Tree 01:18

Spiral of Secrets 01:06

For River - Piano (Sarah & Tommy's Version) 02:58

Bestest Detectives in the World 01:15

Too Bad So Sad 00:08

Teddy 00:42

Uncharted Realms 01:08

Having Lived 01:21

Moonwisher 02:10

Born a Stranger 01:41

For River - Piano (Johnny's Version) 01:39

Lament of a Stranger 01:05

Everything's Alright (Music Box) 00:40

Moongazer 02:15

Anya by the Stars 02:15

Take Me Anywhere 00:59

Warning (AKA best track ever) 00:09

Beta-B 01:06

World's Smallest Ferris Wheel 00:35

Once Upon a Memory 02:25

Once Upon a Memory (Piano) 01:35

Everything's Alright 03:25

Everything's Alright (Reprise) 00:58

Tomorrow 02:10

Launch 01:57

To the Moon - Piano (Ending Version) 05:15

Eva's Ringtone 00:04

Trailer Theme - Part 1 01:43

Trailer Theme - Part 2 (feat. Laura Shigihara) 01:49

Trailer Theme - Part 2 (Instrumental) 02:00

For River - Holiday Edition 01:01

Songs will be downloaded to the To the Moon - Original Soundtrack folder in your Steam Directory:

[]\Steam\steamapps\common\To The Moon\To the Moon - Original Soundtrack

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