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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Aleste 2MSX 2CompileCompileShooter1989
Aleste GaidenMSX 2CompileCompileShooter1989
C-SoMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileAction1985
Dragon QuizMSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1991
Final JusticeMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileShooter1985
GodzillaMSX 2Toho CompanyCompilePuzzle1985
Golvellius: Valley of DoomMSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1988
Gorby's PipelineMSX 2Tokuma ShotenCompilePuzzle1991
GuardicMSX 2CompileCompileShooter1986
GulkaveMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileShooter1986
Guru LogicMSX 2KaroshiCompilePuzzle2003
Hustle ChumyMSX 2NISSOCompileAction1984
Jagur 5MSX 2Hudson SoftCompileRole-Playing1987
Lunar BallMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileSports1985
Madou Monogatari 1-2-3MSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1990
Power StrikeMSX 2CompileCompileShooter1988
Puyo PuyoMSX 2CompileCompilePuzzle1991
Randar II: Revenge of DeathMSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1989
Randar no BoukenMSX 2KemsxCompileRole-Playing1989
Randar no Bouken III: Yami ni Miserareta MajutsushiMSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1990
Rune MasterMSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1989
Rune Master 2MSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1990
Rune Master 3MSX 2CompileCompileRole-Playing1991
SwingMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileAction1985
Zanac A.I.MSX 2Pony CanyonCompileShooter1986
Zanac EXMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileShooter1986

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