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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Adventure QuestCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1986
Colossal AdventureCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingPuzzle1983
Gnome RangerCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingPuzzle1987
Ingrid's Back!Commodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingPuzzle1988
Jewels of DarknessCommodore 64Rainbird SoftwareLevel 9 ComputingPuzzle1986
Knight OrcCommodore 64Firebird SoftwareLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1987
LancelotCommodore 64Mandarin SoftwareLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1989
Lords of TimeCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingPuzzle1983
Red MoonCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1985
Return to EdenCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1984
ScapeghostCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1989
Silicon DreamsCommodore 64Rainbird SoftwareLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1986
SnowballCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1983
The ArchersCommodore 64Mosaic PublishingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1986
The Growing Pains of Adrian MoleCommodore 64Virgin Games, Ltd.Level 9 ComputingAdventure1987
The Price of MagikCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingPuzzle1986
The Saga of Erik the VikingCommodore 64Mosaic PublishingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1984
The Secret Diary of Adrian MoleCommodore 64Mosaic PublishingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1985
The Worm in ParadiseCommodore 64Level 9 ComputingLevel 9 ComputingAdventure1986
Time and Magik: The TrilogyCommodore 64Mandarin SoftwareLevel 9 ComputingPuzzle1988

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