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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
GladiusSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmLucasArts / LucasFilmRole-Playing2003
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's TombSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmCollectivePuzzle2003
Mercenaries: Playground of DestructionSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmPandemic StudiosAction2005
Star Wars: BattlefrontSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmPandemic StudiosShooter2004
Star Wars: Battlefront 2Sony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmPandemic StudiosShooter2006
Star Wars: Bounty HunterSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmLucasArts / LucasFilmShooter2002
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the SithSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmCollectiveFighting2006
Star Wars: Jedi StarfighterSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmLucasArts / LucasFilmShooter2002
Star Wars: The Clone WarsSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmPandemic StudiosShooter2002
ThrillvilleSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmFrontier DevelopmentsTraditional2006
Thrillville: Off the RailsSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmFrontier DevelopmentsTraditional2007
Wrath UnleashedSony Playstation 2LucasArts / LucasfilmCollectiveFighting2004

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