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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Air RaidersAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsAction1982
Armor AmbushAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsRacing1982
AstrosmashAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsShooter1982
Bump 'N' JumpAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsData East CorporationRacing1983
BurgerTimeAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsData East CorporationAction1982
Frog BogAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsAPh Technological Consul...Action1982
Kool-Aid ManAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsAction1983
Lock 'n' ChaseAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsData East CorporationAction1982
Major League BaseballAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsAPh Technological Consul...Sports1982
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-ManAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsShooter1983
NASL SoccerAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsAPh Technological Consul...Sports1982
NFL FootballAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsAPh Technological Consul...Sports1982
Night StalkerAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsShooter1982
Space BattleAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsAction1982
Star StrikeAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsShooter1982
Tron: Deadly DiscsAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsMattel ElectronicsAction1982

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