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Systems released in 1990:
  Amstrad GX4000, Hartung Game Master, Nintendo SNES, Sega Game Gear, SNK Neo-Geo AES, SNK Neo-Geo MVS
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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Cloud KingdomsAtari STMillennium InteractiveElectralytePuzzle1990
Cloud KingdomsCommodore AmigaMillennium InteractiveElectralytePuzzle1990
HerculesCommodore AmigaMillennium InteractiveQuantum ProductionsAction1990
HerculesAtari STMillennium InteractiveQuantum ProductionsAction1990
Horror Zombies from the CryptAtari STMillennium InteractiveAstral SoftwarePuzzle1990
Horror Zombies from the CryptCommodore AmigaMillennium InteractiveAstral SoftwarePuzzle1990
Hover ForceCommodore AmigaMillennium InteractiveAstral SoftwareAction1990
Hover ForceAtari STMillennium InteractiveAstral SoftwareAction1990
James PondAtari STMillennium InteractiveVectordean Ltd.Action1990
James PondCommodore AmigaMillennium InteractiveVectordean Ltd.Action1990
Kid GlovesCommodore AmigaMillennium InteractiveMillennium InteractiveAction1990
Kid GlovesAtari STMillennium InteractiveMillennium InteractiveAction1990

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