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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Astro Boy: Omega FactorNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaTreasure Co., Ltd.Shooter2004
Baseball AdvanceNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSmilebitSports2002
Charlotte's WebNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaBackbone EntertainmentPuzzle2006
ChuChu RocketNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSonic TeamPuzzle2001
Columns CrownNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaWow EntertainmentPuzzle2002
Comix ZoneNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSegaFighting2002
Gunstar Super HeroesNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaTreasure Co., Ltd.Shooter2005
Phantasy Star CollectionNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaDigital Eclipse SoftwareVarious2002
Pinball of the DeadNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaWow EntertainmentTraditional2002
Revenge of Shinobi, TheNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSega3d6 GamesAction2002
Sega Arcade GalleryNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSegaSports2003
Sega Rally ChampionshipNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSegaRacing2003
Sega Smash PackNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSegaVarious2002
Sonic AdvanceNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaDimps CorporationPuzzle2002
Sonic Advance 2Nintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaDimps CorporationAction2003
Sonic Pinball PartyNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSonic TeamTraditional2003
Sonic The HedgehogNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaSonic TeamAction2006
Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic AttackNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaArtAction2003
Super Monkey Ball Jr.Nintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaAmusement VisionPuzzle2002
Virtua TennisNintendo Game Boy AdvanceSegaAltron CorporationSports2002

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