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Systems released in 1987:
  Acorn Archimedes, NEC PC Engine, NEC TurboGrafx-16, Sharp X68000, WoW Action Max
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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Emilio Butragueño FútbolAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftSports1987
Gun.SmokeAmstrad CPCTopo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
Gun.SmokeMSX 2Topo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
Gun.SmokeMSXTopo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
Gun.SmokeSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1987
SpiritsSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1987
SpiritsMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1987
SpiritsMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftAction1987
SpiritsAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1987
Star DustAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftShooter1987
Star DustMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftShooter1987
Star DustMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftShooter1987
StardustSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftShooter1987
SurvivorSinclair ZX SpectrumTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1987
SurvivorMSXTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1987
SurvivorMSX 2Topo SoftTopo SoftAction1987
SurvivorAmstrad CPCTopo SoftTopo SoftAction1987

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