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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
10th FrameAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Access SoftwareSports1986
4x4 Off-Road RacingAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
720 DegreesAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.AtariSports1988
Ace of AcesAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Artech Digital ProductionsSimulation1986
AcrojetAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.MicroProse Ltd.Simulation1987
Alien StormAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaShooter1991
Arcade MuscleAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Racing1989
Arnie's America's Cup ChallengeAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Micro FortéSports1986
Beach Head 2: The Dictator Strikes BackAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Access SoftwareFighting1985
Black TigerAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action1990
Bonanza Bros.Amstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaAction1991
Break ThruAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Data East CorporationRacing1986
Bruce LeeAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1986
California GamesAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1987
Charlie ChaplinAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.CanvasAction1988
Chip's ChallengeAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1990
Crack DownAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaShooter1990
Crystal CastlesAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.AtariAction1986
DambustersAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Sydney Development Corp.Shooter1986
Dragons of FlameAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.U.S. Gold Ltd.Role-Playing1990
EchelonAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Access SoftwareAdventure1988
E-SWAT: Cyber PoliceAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaAction1990
Express RaiderAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Data East CorporationShooter1987
Final FightAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting1991
Forgotten WorldsAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action1989
Game of HarmonyAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Assembly Line, ThePuzzle1990
Games: Summer EditionAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1989
Games: Winter EditionAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
GauntletAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.AtariAction1986
Gauntlet IIAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.AtariAction1987
Gauntlet the Deeper DungeonsAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Gremlin GraphicsAction1987
Ghouls'n GhostsAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action1989
G-Loc Air BattleAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaAction1992
Goonies, TheAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1986
Heroes of the LanceAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.U.S. Gold Ltd.Role-Playing1988
Human Killing MachineAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Tiertex Ltd.Fighting1989
Impossible MissionAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1986
Impossible Mission 2Amstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Novotrade InternationalPuzzle1988
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.AtariAction1987
InfiltratorAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Chris Gray EnterprisesPuzzle1986

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