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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
007: The Stealth AffairAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Delphine Software Intern...Puzzle1990
10th FrameAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Access SoftwareSports1987
4x4 Off-Road RacingAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1989
Alien StormAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaShooter1991
Black TigerAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action1990
Bonanza Bros.Atari STU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaAction1991
Bundesliga Manager ProfessionalAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Kron Simulation SoftwareSports1991
California GamesAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1989
Chicago 30'sAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Topo SoftShooter1988
Chip's ChallengeAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1990
Crack DownAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaShooter1989
Crime WaveAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Access SoftwareShooter1990
Cruise for a CorpseAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Delphine Software Intern...Puzzle1991
Cybercon 3Atari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Assembly Line, ThePuzzle1991
E-SWAT: Cyber PoliceAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaAction1990
Final FightAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting1991
Forgotten WorldsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action1989
Future WarsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Delphine Software Intern...Puzzle1989
Game of HarmonyAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Assembly Line, ThePuzzle1990
Games: Winter EditionAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
Gauntlet IIIAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Tengen Ltd.Adventure1991
Ghouls'n GhostsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action1989
G-Loc Air BattleAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaAction1992
Godfather: The Action GameAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Creative MaterialsShooter1992
Gold of the AztecsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Kinetica SoftwareAdventure1990
King MakerAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.TM GamesTraditional1993
Legends of ValourAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Synthetic DimensionsRole-Playing1993
Line of Fire / Bakudan YarouAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaShooter1990
LoomAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.LucasArts / LucasFilmAdventure1990
M.A.X.: Maximum Action XtraAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Factor 5Shooter1991
Mad MixAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Topo SoftAction1988
Mean StreetsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Access SoftwareAdventure1990
Mega SportsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Action GraphicsSports1992
Mega TwinsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Adventure1991
MercsAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
Metro-CrossAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Namco LimitedSports1987
MoonwalkerAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Emerald SoftwareShooter1989
MurderAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Creative MaterialsAdventure1990
Out of This WorldAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Delphine Software Intern...Puzzle1991
Out RunAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.SegaRacing1988

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