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deathsml: MAME ROM Information.


Deathsmiles (c) 2007 Cave.

Windia, a young girl living in London, mysteriously vanishes after being drawn into a flash of light.

Awakening in the Otherworld, Windia arrives in a Western city reminiscent of the early 20th century, and is cared for by Dior, an elderly lord. Discovering there is no way home, Dior reveals to Windia that she is one of the 'lost children', those with magical powers chosen to protect the kingdom...


The development name was "Deathlolita" and was unofficialy announced in July 2007. Then, "Death Smiles" was official announced at amusement show in September 2007.


* Secret Character "Follett": Up(x4), B, B, A, A, Left, Left, Right, Right, C(x3), Down, C

* Secret Character, "Roza": Base sequence is the same as "Follett" but 1P code is "CBACBUARCLBDCBAAA".

* Secret Stage "Kyoukoku" (canyon): Base sequence is the same as "Follett" but 1P code is "CCCAULRDBCCCDDABCBA". You can select this stage after finished stage 6.


Producer: Kenichi Takano

Director: Junya Inoue

Chief Programmer: Takashi Ichimura

Programmers: Yuji Inoue, Tsuneki Ikeda

Designers: Atsushi Aburano, Toshiyuki Kuroiwa, Akira Wakabayashi, Hiroyuki Tanaka

Voicer Actors:

*Windia*: Naomi Iida (AS KIKAKU)

*Casper*: Miho Hayashi (AS KIKAKU)

*Follett*: Rumi Abe (AS KIKAKU)

*Rosa*: Natuko Tauchi (AS KIKAKU)

*Sakura*: Kaori Nakamura (AS KIKAKU)

*Jitterbug*: Junya Inoue

Music Composer: Manabu Namiki (Basiscape)

Lead Guitar Player: Noriyuki Kamikura (Basiscape)

Sound Manager: Miki Ito (Basiscape)

Sound Effect: Dota Ando (Reeb), Yasuko Yamada (Reeb)

Ending Song: Takayuki Hirose

Symphony "Deathsmiles":

*Words/Music/Vocal*: Natsuko Naitou

*Recording Engineer*: Ryoji Uezu

*Sound Director*: Daisuke Matsumoto, Yukihiro Masaki

PV Director: Showgo Ookawa

Supervisor: Tsuneki Ikeda

Special Assistants : Toshiaki Tomizawa, Atsunori Aburatani, Kaori Itamura, Satoshi Kouyama, Takuro Sato, Mao Shimura, Takeo Suzuki, Takatsugu Furuhata, Shingo Hozumi, Hiroyuki Morita, Takato Yamashita, Yui Yoshii, Yui Akamatsu, Reina Fujii, Mitushiro Tachibana, Tetsuya Kusaba, Dandy


* Consoles :

Microsoft XBOX 360 [JP] (Apr.23, 2009; "Deathsmiles [Model AWD-00001]")

Microsoft XBOX 360 [JP] (Apr.23, 2009; "Deathsmiles [Gentei Ban] [Model AWD-00002]")

Microsoft XBOX 360 [JP] (Apr.08, 2010; "Deathsmiles [Platinum Collection] [Model AWD-00004]")


Game's screenshot.

Game's ROM.

MAME Info:

0.142u5 [Guru, Tom]


- 0.144: This game was removed from MAME.

- 0.143u9: Changed description to 'Deathsmiles (2007/10/09 MASTER VER)'.

- 0.143u2: Changed description to 'Death Smiles (2007/10/09 MASTER VER)'. Added new 'game' rom.

- 0.142u5: Added Death Smiles (Cave 2007).

- 10th May 2011: MetalliC - Demul WIP: After few weeks of hard reverse engineering we finally got fully working Yamaha AMM codec, so Cave CV1000 games emulated now with sound and music - Deathsmiles (Cave 2007) and Mushihime-sama Futari (Cave 2006).

- 21st February 2011: CaH4e3 - Demul WIP: Cave Arcade Espgaluda II, Mushihime-tama, Death Smiles and Ibara.

- 20th March 2010: Guru - A couple of controversial items arrived here yesterday... Thanks to Tom for the loan of a Death Smiles PCB which came all the way from wintery Switzerland. These emulated screenshots are very preliminary with some graphics issues. Don't let that bother you because at this stage you won't be playing this game in any emulator anyway. Of course they were done by the same dev as well.

Romset: 145408 kb / 4 files / 61.6 zip


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