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Commodore Amiga

View games for Commodore Amiga by Commodore.

CPU:68000 @ 7.16 MHZ
Predecessor:Commodore 128
System Manual:Download
More on:Wikipedia

Recommended Emulators: MESS, WinUAE

Commodore Amiga


TV Commercial:
Epic (1992)
TV Commercial:
Myth: History in the Making (1992)
TV Commercial:
Trivial Pursuit (1988)
TV Commercial:
Myth (1989)

Most viewed Commodore Amiga games:
 Hong Kong Phooey: No.1 Super Guy (1990)
 Cannon Fodder (1993)
 Syndicate (1993)
 Lemmings (1991)
 Bubble Bobble (1988)
 Prince of Persia (1990)
 Jurassic Park (1993)
 Silk Worm (1989)
 Three Stooges (1987)
 Emmanuelle: A Game of Eroticism (1989)
 Flashback (1992)
 Neuromancer (1989)
 Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold (1990)
 Paperboy (1989)
 KGB (1992)
 Batman: The Movie (1989)
 Winter Games (1987)
 Home Alone (1991)
 Great Giana Sisters (1988)
 Theme Park (1994)
 Last Action Hero (1994)

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