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WWF Attitude - Nintendo Game Boy Color

Publisher:Acclaim Entertainment  ?              No-Intro:WWF - Attitude
Developer:Crawfish Interactive  ?              GoodName:WWF Attitude (U) [C][!]
Year:1999              TOSEC:N/A
Category:Sports              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:Download (Sega Dreamcast)
Download (Sony Playstation)
Download (N64)
              Game Music:N/A

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Also on: Nintendo N64, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation


In game image of WWF Attitude on the Nintendo Game Boy Color.
In Game
Title screen of WWF Attitude on the Nintendo Game Boy Color.
Title Screen
Box cover for WWF Attitude on the Nintendo Game Boy Color.
Cartridge artwork for WWF Attitude on the Nintendo Game Boy Color.

Climb into the ring with the biggest stars of the WWF with WWF ATTITUDE. Wrestle with or against 20 top wrestling stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Triple H, Shamrock, X-Pac, Road Dogg, B.A. Billy Gunn, Goldust, Val Venis, Kane, Mankind, The Rock, Edge, Taka, Gangrel, The Big Boss Man, Al Snow, The Godfather, Sable, and Jeff Jarrett. All of the wrestlers have the moves and abilities of their real-world counterparts. Once you have the perfect wrestler, you can battle in seven different game modes: Challenge, Career, King of the Ring, Versus, Tag Team, Cage Match, and Training. Are you tough enough to challenge all of the wrestlers in the WWF? Play WWF ATTITUDE and find out.

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