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29th June, 2017 - GameEx 14.82

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.82 released.

A new version of the setup wizard by Ben Baker is included which fixes several reported issues and also shows some of the new design of the setup wizard that will be available in GameEx Evolution.

Also with this release, game manuals are now not a registered only feature.

18th June, 2017 - Introducing Xmatch

XMatch is the official Spesoft and GameEx artwork matching utility for matching your artwork and video files to your game filenames.

  • Common sense matching. Not overzealous.
  • Reports on non matches.
  • Ability to use a single media file to replace anything not matched.
  • Same logic as EmuMovies Sync
  • Simple to use. Only the needed the features

Download here.

1st June, 2017 - GameEx 14.81
New error reporting application and feature.

31st May, 2017 - GameEx 14.80
  • The search games feature is now available in GameEx Arcade Edition, GameEx Lite and MAME only mode.
  • Added Chinese (Simplified) language
  • GameEx will now use and fall back to downloading game media from the gamesdb.net if EmuMovies is unavailable.


23rd May, 2017 - GameEx 14.79

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.79 released.

  • System video backgrounds have been added to GameEx Arcade Edition. See video for demo.
  • Fixes font install issue on Windows 10 creators edition.
  • Fixes to attract mode when set to play videos and launch games.
  • GameEx now does a better job out of the box to hide the operating system when launching emulators.
  • The emulator loading image needs to be used in a non default theme now. So its your choice to use it or not.

30th April, 2017 - GameEx 14.78

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.78.

This release improves MAME game name descrtiptions.

In addition when updating the MAME game list, GameEx will produce PinballX compatible XML game lists in the DATA\PINBALLX folder.

If you are in the UK (and Europe?) happy May Day.

16th April, 2017 - GameEx 14.77
GameEx and GameEx arcade edition 14.77 released. Just a minor update. Now shows the loading image when running full screen exclusive. There is now a global launching image that can be displayed when launching a game. Theme/Media/Launching.png. I fthis file exists it will be shown.

30th March, 2017 - GameEx sale still on.

There are still 130 coupons available

I am giving away 200 GameEx lifetime premium licenses away at half price.

Just use coupon code: 64E58

First come first served.

26th March, 2017 - GameEx 14.76
Fixes GameEx requiring administrator rights on some setups.

24th March, 2017 - GameEx Lifetime License Half Price

I am giving away 200 GameEx lifetime premium licenses away at half price.

Just use coupon code: 64E58

First come first served.

18th March, 2017 - GameEx 14.75
GameEx Arcade Edition now features support for Steam, Uplay and Origin online gaming platforms.

17th March, 2017 - GameEx 14.74

Signiffacnt updates to GameEx and GameEx Arcde Edition.

GameEx Arcade Edition now supports all otther emulated systems and not just arcade. Is this the best Arcade Cab and HTPC front end now available?

View at YouTube.

Fixes to the MAME list update and other systems matching is improved.

Fixes AAE showing black screen when launched

Fixes some user interface navigation issues.

Games in series now lists for other systems if MAME Arcade is being used

7th March, 2017 - GameEx and GameEx AE updated

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.72 have been released. This release contaiins updates and fixes to the Setup Wizard thanks to GameEx team member Ben Baker. In addition the Setup Wizard no longer runs as administrator. This allows network paths and mapped drives to be selected for path settings more easily. The release adds support for AAE (Another Arcade Emulator) for launching the majority of arcade vector games in place of MAME if desired. The GameEx process is now set as DPI aware fixing windows scaling issues on some setups. Finally this release fixes quite a bad memory leak when displaying video and image previews so an upgrade is highly recommended from the last few versions as this could cause GameEx to crash.

In other news I have been playing with the GPD Win and another Cherry Trail Atom CPU based system. GameEx runs very well on these systems. I tested some of the other popular front ends or at least the paid ones and they were pretty much unusuable on these new fanless systems. GameEx Arcade edition and GameEx lite also seemed to be running well with the system that only had 2GB of RAM although it was tested with a version of Windows I had created with NTLITE. The GPD Win is the latest handheld gaming phenomenon and the other cherry trail systems are in my eyes Raspberry PI killers. The Minix Z84-3 is under $200 US and includes a licensed version of Windows 10. In addition ASUS have a PC stick for just over $100. Although the ASUS stick has a slower CPU than the other systems and only 2GB RAM. Still GameEx seemed to run very well on it. In my testing these systems run a lot better at 720P resolution. So that is something to mention.

23rd December, 2016 - GameEx 14.70
Various minor changes, fixes and additions.

21st December, 2016 - GameEx 14.69

Cosmetic improvemements and fixes.

Fixes to Ben Baker's Setup Wizard.

Preview images and videos now do a nice cross fade.

20th December, 2016 - GameEx 14.68

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.68

Thanks to some useful feedback and fixes the wheel view has been improved.

The wheel view and GameEx Arcade Edition now work nicely in vertical setups.

18th December, 2016 - GameEx 14.67

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.67.

Fixes to the MAME list update.

For GameEx Arcade Edition, Supermodel Model 3 emulator is an additional integrated arcade system for you to play with.

17th December, 2016 - GameEx 14.66

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.66

Improvements and fixes to MAME list update. Ensures only arcade games are listed now. Fixes some games missing including Neo-Geo.

Cosmetic and layout improvements to GameEx Arcade Edition running at 640x480 and at 4:3 aspect

Updated MAME support files.

7th December, 2016 - GameEx 14.64
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • The MAME list update is slightly faster.
  • The in built artwork downloader has minor fixes and improvements and it is now also included as an external utility.
  • With this release the EmuMovies sync utility is no longer included with the install and GameEx uses is its own integrated solution. You can obviously get it from the site if you still want it..
  • The artwork downloader now includes Daphne.support.
  • Don't forget that GameEx subscribers get a 25% discount on an EmuMovies subscription.


4th December, 2016 - A new front end

Introducing GameEx Arcade Edition.

View at YouTube.

GameEx Arcade Edition is a derivative version of GameEx that is optimized for arcade controls and machines.

It is lighter, has cosmetic improvements and supports the new EmuMovies video themes.

It supports MAME and arcade systems and has the following feature differences over the normal GameEx version.

  • Supports video themes.
  • Less code. Lighter. Less options.
  • Optimized cosmetics for TV and arcade displays.
  • Good support for low resolutions (640 x 480) out of the box.
  • Does not look like windows. Does look a little like HyperSpin.

The video themes and all the content is available at EmuMovies and an automatic downloader is included with the front end.

Download here

26th November, 2016 - Introducing VPDB

Introducing VPDB.

With three years in the making I am pleased to introduce to you VPDB.

VPDB is a collaboration between developer freezy with sponsorship from Spesoft/GameEx (creator of the PinballX and GameEx front ends).

Completely free to its users and contributors for the foreseeable future, VPDB is an innovative new project where people can share their digital pinball table recreations and everything else related to virtual pinball.

With this project comes innovation and change. We need your support to make it a success as without users and contributors it is nothing. However, if you cannot give that please at least respect the effort, time and skill that has gone into this project.

We have tried to do something pretty cool here out of passion for the digital pinball community, and it's just the beginning: VPDB comes with an open API that allows any application to plug-in easily. The website is just the first example of what's possible.

There is more to come!


(We are still in beta phase but ready for you to come over and use).


13th November, 2016 - GameEx 14.63
This release contains some improvements to the EmuMovies in built background downloader. It will now download for systerms where a database is not specified or where using a map file or software list XML file. In addition for registered users for both GameEx and EmuMovies manuals are also downloaded.

12th November, 2016 - GameEx 14.62

View at YouTube.

Big fixes and improvements to GameExtender. It is now working smoothly again in a browser for starters. The server will now automatically bind to all adapters so there is no need to set the IP address and the viewer will now connect to the local host if it cant reach the specified IP.

The icing on the cake is GameExtender now has a GameEx Online incarnation. No setup required. Works just the same albeit slower as its client server. Just click the option on your page at onliine.gameex.com with this release of GameEx and when GameEx is running.

4th November, 2016 - GameEx 14.60
Fixes MAME NeoGeo not being recognised correctly with latest MAME release.


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