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The Battles of King Arthur - Valve Steam

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Also on: Microsoft Windows


(Microsoft Windows Version)
In game image of The Battles of King Arthur on the Valve Steam.
In Game
Banner artwork for The Battles of King Arthur.

Arthurian legend speaks of the legendary King expanding his realm to Ireland, Gaul, Iceland and Norway in a series of epic battles and strategic subterfuge. Take command of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as Arthur strives to extend his Kingdom. Will you be able to unite the Britons to raise an army before marching on the road to conquest? Will you be able to turn villages into cities to support your war machine, creating intricate supply lines, criss-crossing Europe? Follow the traditional path of the Warrior or draw on the powers of the mystical mage Merlin to turn the tide of war.Key Features

The Battles of King Arthur has been painstakingly created by hand to offer the ultimate turn based battlefield

King Arthurs battle map encompasses Britain, Ireland, Gaul, Norway and Iceland

Draw your enemies towards you or charge head-on into hostile territory. The battle map offers endless opportunities for talented tacticians to shape the flow of war to their strengths whilst avoiding dangerous military weaknesses

Rally the Kingdom of Camelot to your cause, swelling the ranks of your military to utilise each settlement to generate supplies from nearby resources

Success depends on skilled management of your logistics as you create an infrastructure to support your battlefield units

Engage in diplomacy or rain down a hail of arrows as alliances are formed and broken in the shifting sands of an ebbing and flowing battlefield

Build an army of epic units including bowmen, pikemen, mounted knights, siege weapons, trebuchets and all the paraphernalia of epic medieval warfare

Research from a wide variety of options to upgrade your military to emerge victorious against your foes

Unleash the fearsome Celtic dragons as they scour the battlefield in search of enemy positions

Utilise the unique powers of major characters from Merlin who unleashes spells of fire upon your enemies to the rallying cry of King Arthur whilst avoiding the will sapping Mordred and the might of Morgaine as they serve your enemies

Choose your faction - play as Arthur King of the Britons or aim to wreak devastation on your enemies playing as the leader of Iceland, Norway, Gaul and Ireland

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