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hyperbbck: MAME ROM Information.

MAME Info:

0.146 [smf, Guru, Thorsten]


- 0.146: smf, Guru and Thorsten added 'Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ (GQ876 VER. EAA)' (Konami 1998). smf and any added clone (GQ876 VER. AAA). Zerod out the date and time (M48T58 timekeeper rom). Hooked up Player 3 controls [phillw].

- 16th May 2012: smf - A couple of System 573 games turned up lately that didn't use CD drives. Surface mounted flash roms are a bit more of a pain than dumping CD & it took a few attempts to get good reads. The first was a 3 player version of Hyper Bishi Bashi. Two people had boards that wouldn't boot because the battery backed up nvram had been wiped. At first it was thought they were the same region, but a after a rather pleasant suprise we found that one was A (Asia except Japan) and the other was E (English). These two boards can now be fixed, one has already been and the other is in the process of being reassembled. The second was Gachaga Champ, but here we have the second much bigger suprise. That game boots off a flash card plugged into the PCMCIA slot, but the motherboard flash roms have the very rare and earlier game of Handle Champ installed. It also had a different BIOS with no noticable differences, except it looks like it might have been built with a different compiler or libraries. Handle Champ complains about the Gachaga Champ nvram, but if you re-initialize it and attach a couple of steering wheels and pedals then you'll find the most bizarre version of Bishi Bashi that was ever created.

Romset: 16392 kb / 9 files / zip


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