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victorba: MAME ROM Information.


Victory Banana (c) 09/1982 Exidy.


Main CPU : Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)

Sound CPU : M6502 (@ 894.886 Khz)

Sound Chips : Custom (@ 894.886 Khz), TMS5220 (@ 640 Khz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 256 x 256 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette Colors : 64

Players : 1

Control : dial

Buttons : 4


This is a modification kit for "Victory".


Game's rom.

MAME Info:

0.37b4 [Aaron Giles]


- The original ROM images for Victory (c) 1982 Exidy have been made available for free, non-commercial use. Authorization from H.R. Kaufmann, president of Xidy.


- Press fast forward (Insert) key to speed up game DIAGNOSTIC TEST.


- 16th April 2011: Mr. Do - Thanks to NightVoice for vectoring Victory, which was scanned by TrevEB.

- 0.137u4: Lord Nightmare fixed race condition involving TMS52xx status register which broke victory/victorba self test. Updated debug routines a bit and improved the non-NORMALMODE a bit. Note: Victory's initial audio selftest is pretty brutal to the FIFO: it sends a sequence of bytes to the FIFO and checks the status bits after each one; if even one bit is in the wrong state (i.e. speech starts one byte too early or late), the test fails! The sample in Victory 'Shields up!' after you activate shields, the 'up' part of the sample is missing the STOP frame at the end of it; this causes the speech core to run out of bits to parse from the FIFO, cutting the sample off by one frame. This appears to be an original game code bug.

- 0.137u3: Lord Nightmare fixed Victory startup self test issue after the TMS5110/TMS5220 core merge. FIFO must NOT be cleared on processing of a STOP frame, only on a new speak external command. Victory is pedantic about this. And in the process also fixed a bug regarding reading /READY state when not in speak external mode (the FIFO being full should NOT force /READY inactive in that case!). This fixed also speech and sound gets garbled when you use the shield.

- 0.129u4: Changed Custom sound to 'Exidy SFX+PSG+Speech'.

- 0.122u6: Zsolt Vasvari removed complicated dirty tracking from Victory driver. Consolidated exidy and victory drivers. Disabled code in the TMS5220 that set the Buffer Empty flag after a stop frame. This fixes Victory. This might be the incorrect fix but the old code wasn't working either.

- 0.113u4: Changed VSync to 59.996811 Hz.

- 0.104u6: Aaron Giles added oversampling support to the Exidy custom sound.

- 0.37b4: Aaron Giles added Victory (Exidy 1982) and clone Victor Banana.

- 6th June 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed Victory from crashing.

- 30th May 2000: Aaron Giles sent in a driver for Victory.

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Romset: 65 kb / 24 files / 43.4 zip

MAME XML Output:

       <game name="victorba" sourcefile="victory.c" cloneof="victory" romof="victory">
              <description>Victor Banana</description>
              <rom name="j2.rom" size="4096" crc="dd788e93" sha1="5912488a3631afd522f5336c297752bad2e0f7b6" region="maincpu" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="k2.rom" size="4096" crc="f47bf046" sha1="9e15eeee2729a8466e2c70d61cfa7c86e0ceeaf8" region="maincpu" offset="1000"/>
              <rom name="kl2.rom" size="4096" crc="baef885e" sha1="b252d35c19b9def6bd695509fca409b7fbd693c1" region="maincpu" offset="2000"/>
              <rom name="l2.rom" size="4096" crc="739e4799" sha1="7c36e15b7a1b01b28802396e7f680e77cc09064a" region="maincpu" offset="3000"/>
              <rom name="m2.rom" size="4096" crc="a88185e6" sha1="1c8b270ae9cbfbb5930a07bb40d5498dd0b0547c" region="maincpu" offset="4000"/>
              <rom name="n2.rom" size="4096" crc="6724eb01" sha1="4972643e6bd7d3a286478c378c8bf5dd26b782a8" region="maincpu" offset="5000"/>
              <rom name="p2.rom" size="4096" crc="2cf34ad7" sha1="51df13bc9f6e8541107bac3bea234ccddcdde6f5" region="maincpu" offset="6000"/>
              <rom name="t2.rom" size="4096" crc="89bb0359" sha1="8eedb421b14562c00017914fadc97a10af232b51" region="maincpu" offset="7000"/>
              <rom name="j1.rom" size="4096" crc="5e415084" sha1="fda2355ebb0f39ba14e0f6578fe6699c493257bf" region="maincpu" offset="8000"/>
              <rom name="k1.rom" size="4096" crc="3f327dff" sha1="294d2fac8c09ece4fc190ab7305a63149eabb561" region="maincpu" offset="9000"/>
              <rom name="kl1.rom" size="4096" crc="6c82ebca" sha1="3f30e92cbdca73948d285d4509bdee85d8fa57b7" region="maincpu" offset="a000"/>
              <rom name="l1.rom" size="4096" crc="03b89d8a" sha1="37b501e910d3c3784a6696fab7fd6ba568470a8b" region="maincpu" offset="b000"/>
              <rom name="vic1.7bc" merge="vic1.7bc" size="4096" crc="d4927560" sha1="f263419dec70b758cf429cd7e5b388258027bfde" region="audiocpu" offset="c000"/>
              <rom name="vic1.7c" merge="vic1.7c" size="4096" crc="059efab5" sha1="60259eb56a282a0fbab5e966a16430ab486b1492" region="audiocpu" offset="d000"/>
              <rom name="vic1.7d" merge="vic1.7d" size="4096" crc="82c4767c" sha1="64eac78e7dab5f435eb035be46e24e73a74f0eae" region="audiocpu" offset="e000"/>
              <rom name="vic1.7e" merge="vic1.7e" size="4096" crc="a19be034" sha1="1f0b751d8a5fbced4942ac3222e1444ce056b378" region="audiocpu" offset="f000"/>
              <rom name="hsc17l" merge="hsc17l" size="256" crc="b2c75dee" sha1="7ad8f7fac3979a76f64f2b761cd1a8f5d8f44983" region="proms" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="hsc13e" merge="hsc13e" size="32" crc="a107c4f5" sha1="c70395cac20ce0f18b172e623b4d3ba9176fde1e" region="proms" offset="100"/>
              <rom name="hsc16a" merge="hsc16a" size="32" crc="5f06ad26" sha1="90c0837a5b305f1909bd82ae4db3516beb7a772a" region="proms" offset="120"/>
              <rom name="hsc19b" merge="hsc19b" size="32" crc="86165f1e" sha1="4a14100860a7840aae24e96d15966e7d2fab85c0" region="proms" offset="140"/>
              <rom name="hsc19c" merge="hsc19c" size="32" crc="fd27a57a" sha1="c00aaae281bf5969b7ac5acebfaaf52d93b7e6c9" region="proms" offset="160"/>
              <rom name="hsc19d" merge="hsc19d" size="32" crc="09c4dbf6" sha1="d5aa347d51d22b83dff3280b761a7ec8be34c3f8" region="proms" offset="180"/>
              <rom name="hsc19e" merge="hsc19e" size="32" crc="ce1464f4" sha1="2d185471bd9d12af7075670a7d994b74921dc539" region="proms" offset="1a0"/>
              <rom name="3j" merge="3j" size="32" crc="5fb6b158" sha1="0fdb235ea00546117018fe998e7de247dd018a31" region="proms" offset="1c0"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="maincpu" name="Z80" clock="4000000"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="audiocpu" name="M6502" clock="894886"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="mono" name="Speaker"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="custom" name="Exidy SFX+PSG+Speech"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="tms" name="TMS5220" clock="640000"/>
              <display tag="screen" type="raster" rotate="0" width="256" height="256" refresh="59.996811" pixclock="5644500" htotal="336" hbend="0" hbstart="256" vtotal="280" vbend="0" vbstart="256" />
              <sound channels="1"/>
              <input players="1" buttons="4" coins="3">
                     <control type="dial" minimum="0" maximum="255" sensitivity="25" keydelta="10" reverse="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="????" tag="SW2" mask="7">
                     <dipvalue name="0" value="0" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1" value="1"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2" value="2"/>
                     <dipvalue name="3" value="3"/>
                     <dipvalue name="4" value="4"/>
                     <dipvalue name="5" value="5"/>
                     <dipvalue name="6" value="6"/>
                     <dipvalue name="7" value="7"/>
              <dipswitch name="Refresh" tag="SW2" mask="128">
                     <dipvalue name="60 Hz" value="0" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="50 Hz" value="128"/>
              <driver status="good" emulation="good" color="good" sound="good" graphic="good" savestate="unsupported" palettesize="64"/>

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