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witchgme: MAME ROM Information.


Witch Game (c) 1991 Video Klein.


Game's ROM.

MAME Info:

0.139u4 [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]


- There are 12 parameters to program. All of them are unknown. To program them, use the HOLD keys, CANCEL key, DEAL + HOLD keys and DEAL + CANCEL.


- 0.145u5: Changed Witch Game (Video Klein, set 1) from a clone of Witch Card (Video Klein CPU box, set 1) to parent.

- 0.143u8: Roberto Fresca and Team Europe added clone Witch Game (Video Klein, set 2). Changed description of 'Witch Game (Video Klein)' to '(Video Klein, set 1)'.

- 20th January 2011: Roberto Fresca - After 2 years of attempts (in fact were 3 or 4 *deep* attempts) I got the Video Klein sets working. Addressing tricks, different kind of NVRAM (Dallas), and a lot of checks were involved. I did some cleanups (the set witchcde is in fact Jolli Witch). This one and a new set dumped by Team Europe (Wild Witch) are both based on the 6T/12T system from Video Klein (CPU box + Dallas DS1210 + battery backed RAM). Also each set has 2 games (Jolli Witch has a Witch Card selectable through a DIP switch, and Wild Witch has Witch Game in the same way).

- 0.139u4: Roberto Fresca and Team Europe added Witch Game (Video Klein).

Romset: 41 kb / 6 files / 13.7 zip

MAME XML Output:

       <game name="witchgme" sourcefile="goldnpkr.c">
              <description>Witch Game (Video Klein, set 1)</description>
              <manufacturer>Video Klein</manufacturer>
              <rom name="hn58c256p.box12t1" size="32768" crc="26c334cb" sha1="d8368835c88668f09560f6096148a6e528806f65" region="maincpu" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="1.2a" size="2048" crc="f2f94661" sha1="f37f7c0dff680fd02897dae64e13e297d0fdb3e7" region="gfx2" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="2.4a" size="2048" crc="6bbb1e2d" sha1="51ee282219bf84218886ad11a24bc6a8e7337527" region="gfx2" offset="1000"/>
              <rom name="3.5a" size="4096" crc="8a17d1a7" sha1="488e4eae287b05923bd6b378574e91cfe49d8c24" region="gfx2" offset="2000"/>
              <rom name="n82s137f.box" size="256" crc="7f31066b" sha1="15420780ec6b2870fc4539ec3afe4f0c58eedf12" region="proms" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="tbp24s10n.2c" size="256" crc="7c2aa098" sha1="539ff9239b1b553b3883c9f0223aafcf217f9fc7" region="proms2" offset="0"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="maincpu" name="M6502" clock="625000"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="mono" name="Speaker"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="discrete" name="DISCRETE"/>
              <display tag="screen" type="raster" rotate="0" width="256" height="232" refresh="60.000000" />
              <sound channels="1"/>
              <input players="1" buttons="14" coins="2" service="yes">
                     <control type="gambling"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW1" mask="1">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="1" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW1" mask="2">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="2" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Percentage" tag="SW1" mask="12">
                     <dipvalue name="40%" value="12"/>
                     <dipvalue name="50%" value="4" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="60%" value="8"/>
                     <dipvalue name="70%" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW1" mask="16">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="16" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW1" mask="32">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="32" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW1" mask="64">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="64"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW1" mask="128">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="128"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Max Bet" tag="SW2" mask="3">
                     <dipvalue name="10" value="3"/>
                     <dipvalue name="20" value="2"/>
                     <dipvalue name="50" value="1" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="100" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW2" mask="4">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="4" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="SW2" mask="8">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="8" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Minimal Hand" tag="SW2" mask="16">
                     <dipvalue name="2 Paar" value="16"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Paar" value="0" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Frequency" tag="SW2" mask="32">
                     <dipvalue name="50 Hz." value="32" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="60 Hz." value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Uncommented" tag="SW2" mask="64">
                     <dipvalue name="1 Credit" value="64" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="10 Credits" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Royal Flush" tag="SW2" mask="128">
                     <dipvalue name="No" value="128"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Yes" value="0" default="yes"/>
              <driver status="good" emulation="good" color="good" sound="good" graphic="good" savestate="unsupported" palettesize="256"/>

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