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Return of the Jedi - Arcade

Publisher:Atari  ?              No-Intro:N/A
Developer:Atari  ?              GoodName:N/A
Year:1984              TOSEC:N/A
Category:Shooter              MAME:jedi
Controls:View              Commands:N/A
Game Manual:Download              Game Music:N/A

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Also on: Nintendo NES

Series: The Empire Strikes Back


In game image of Return of the Jedi on the Arcade.
In Game
Title screen of Return of the Jedi on the Arcade.
Title Screen
Printed Circuit Board for Return of the Jedi.
Select Screen for Return of the Jedi.
Select Screen
Artwork for Return of the Jedi.
Game Over Screen for Return of the Jedi.
Game Over Screen
High Score Screen for Return of the Jedi.
High Score Screen
Arcade Cabinet for Return of the Jedi.
Arcade Cabinet Marquee for Return of the Jedi.
Arcade Control Panel for Return of the Jedi.
Control Panel
Advert for Return of the Jedi on the Arcade.

RETURN OF THE JEDI is a one-player game that features the thrills and excitement of the continuing STAR WARS saga. The new split-wave game-play feature cuts back and forth between two simultaneously occurring action scenes, just like the movie.

RETURN OF THE JEDI is a one-player game. The player controls the actions Of PRINCESS LEIA, CHEWBACCA, and LANDO CALRISSIAN via the flight control. The player's main goal is to destroy the DEATH STAR. To do this, the player must travel through a tube in the DEATH STAR and fire a torpedo into the central reactor.

RETURN OF THE JEDI picks up the action of the movie at the scene where the rebel forces begin their attack on the Imperial DEATH STAR. LUKE SKYWALKER and PRINCESS LEIA race toward a pair of speeder bikes. In this first wave, the player controls LEIA, guiding her through a forest toward the EWOK village. She is pursued by Imperial STORMTROOPERS also riding SPEEDER BIKES. She defends herself by either bumping them off their bikes, or shooting them. Meanwhile, the EWOKS have set up traps to aid LEIA in her flight through the forest of ENDOR. The traps include ropes stretched between trees that the EWOKS pull tight to upend the riders, and logs that the EWOKS push together to crush the SPEEDER BIKES as they pass between them. LEIA can either bump off the STORMTROOPERS or lead them through the traps. The first vehicle through a trap will escape uninjured, but anyone who follows will be destroyed.

Once the player leaves LEIA safely at the EWOK village, he moves to another part of the forest. During the second wave, the player controls CHEWBACCA who is maneuvering a SCOUT WALKER to the bunker where HAN SOLO is waiting to deactivate the shield protecting the DEATH STAR. CHEWBACCA must shoot or avoid logs, which roll toward him. At the same time, CHEWBACCA must avoid rocks catapulted at his SCOUT WALKER. The player can turn the SCOUT WALKER head using the flight control to achieve better aim while firing at the rocks and logs.

The split-wave effect occurs during waves two and three. The player controls CHEWBACCA in the SCOUT WALKER, and at the same time, controls LANDO CALRISSIAN as he flies the MILLENNIUM FALCON. At crucial moments, the scene will change from the forest of ENDOR to the skies around the DEATH STAR.

While CHEWBACCA is attempting to reach the bunker, LANDO CALRISSIAN is flying the MILLENNIUM FALCON toward the DEATH STAR. LANDO must fight off the IMPERIAL T.I.E. INTERCEPTORS, IMPERIAL STAR CRUISERS, and shuttles. The player maneuvers the FALCON through this traffic, while trying to shoot as many of the Imperial enemies as possible.

As soon as CHEWBACCA gets to the bunker, HAN SOLO blows it up, deactivating the protective shield surrounding the DEATH STAR and clearing the path for the MILLENNIUM FALCON. The MILLENNIUM FALCON must enter the DEATH STAR, travel down a tube toward the reactor, and shoot the central reactor to destroy the DEATH STAR.

The FALCON is pursued by IMPERIAL T.I.E. FIGHTERS while in the tube. LANDO must avoid the pipe walls of the tube and watch out for falling pipes, energy gates, and turrets that shoot at the FALCON. Upon reaching the target, the player must shoot the reactor energy field, then immediately turn around and fly back down the tube. The flight must be rapid because the fireball caused by the explosion pursues the FALCON.

Game description from www.arcade-history.com

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