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Snowboard Kids 2 - Nintendo N64

Publisher:Atlus Co., Ltd.  ?              No-Intro:Snowboard Kids 2
Developer:Racdym  ?              GoodName:Snowboard Kids 2
Year:1999              TOSEC:Snowboard Kids 2
Category:Sports              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:Download              Game Music:N/A

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In game image of Snowboard Kids 2 on the Nintendo N64.
In Game
Title screen of Snowboard Kids 2 on the Nintendo N64.
Title Screen
Box cover for Snowboard Kids 2 on the Nintendo N64.
Box back cover for Snowboard Kids 2 on the Nintendo N64.
Box Back
Cartridge artwork for Snowboard Kids 2 on the Nintendo N64.
Arcade Cabinet Marquee for Snowboard Kids 2.

The game is set in Snow Town, which is the main hometown of the protagonists. The plot follows the daily lives and adventures of the kids, and the rather ridiculous attempts of Damien to sabotage them.

The gameplay of this game is almost identical to its predecessor's, but with a few differences.

There are now three distinct playing modes: the Story mode, which follows the game plot and uses the classical system of cash prizes by winning the races; the battle mode, which includes multiplayer mode; and the Training mode.

There were new additions and changes to the Items and Shots. All of them were redesigned and the Shots were renamed as Weapons. Additions include the Rocket, the Wings and the Whirlwind (see more below). Other changes to the Items and Weapons include the reduction in the freeze time when a character is hit by the Freezing Shot, and the effect of losing coins when hit by a Slapstick.

The special tricks (which were different for each character and required the player to perform a combo to do them) were replaced by the ability of doing multiple tricks while in the air. It also added the ability to repel Weapon attacks by performing a Trick or Board Grab in the imminence of the hit. The player can also look behind by pressing the R button.

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