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Ninja Gaiden - Sega Game Gear

Publisher:Sega  ?              No-Intro:Ninja Gaiden
Developer:Tecmo, Ltd.  ?              GoodName:Ninja Gaiden
Year:1991              TOSEC:Ninja Gaiden
Category:Action              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:Download (Xbox)
Download (Atari Lynx)
Download (Sega Master System)
Download (NES)
Download (DOS)
              Game Music:
Download (Sega Master System)
Download (NES)

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Also on: Arcade, Atari Lynx, Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Xbox, NEC PC Engine, NEC TurboGrafx-16, Nintendo Arcade Systems, Nintendo NES, Sega Master System


In game image of Ninja Gaiden on the Sega Game Gear.
In Game
Title screen of Ninja Gaiden on the Sega Game Gear.
Title Screen
Box cover for Ninja Gaiden on the Sega Game Gear.
Cartridge artwork for Ninja Gaiden on the Sega Game Gear.
Arcade Cabinet Marquee for Ninja Gaiden.
Advert for Ninja Gaiden on the Sega Game Gear.
(Arcade Version)

Ninja Gaiden TV Commercial (Nintendo NES Version)

The Dragon Ninja village has been massacred! The powerful Dragonsword has been stolen! You are Ryu Hayabusa, last of the Dragon Ninja, and you must find the Dragonsword before it can be used to unleash evil across the Earth!

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