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Pleiads - Arcade

Publisher:Tehkan  ?              No-Intro:N/A
Developer:Tehkan Ltd.  ?              GoodName:N/A
Year:1981              TOSEC:N/A
Category:Shooter              MAME:pleiads
Controls:View              Commands:N/A
Game Manual:Download              Game Music:N/A

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In game image of Pleiads on the Arcade.
In Game
Title screen of Pleiads on the Arcade.
Title Screen
Printed Circuit Board for Pleiads.
Artwork for Pleiads.
Game Over Screen for Pleiads.
Game Over Screen
Arcade Cabinet for Pleiads.
Arcade Cabinet Marquee for Pleiads.
Arcade Control Panel for Pleiads.
Control Panel
Advert for Pleiads on the Arcade.

Pleiads is a 2-D, space shooter style game. With its many interesting visual and audio effects, this game is sure to challenge the most avid player.

Each round of play includes 4 different stages. With the onset of the melodious background tune, the first stage of play begins.

Against a backdrop of planets and twinkling stars, the Earth City must be protected from sixteen attacking Martians. These Martian attackers have the ability to transform from flying Martians, to walking Martians, or to UFOs. The walking Martians build barriers across the Earth City. These barriers must be destroyed.

The Earth Spaceship can be maneuvered right and left. With the use of the 'warp' button, it can be randomly relocated when necessary. These, plus a backup of stationary defense weapons, aid in protecting the Earth City and Spaceship, as well as in destroying the Martian Attackers. When all but the two final Martians have been destroyed, a tone of dusk shades the Earth City. As these two attackers meet their end, the Earth Spaceship ascends into space to meet the challenge of Stage II.

In this second stage of play, the Earth Spaceship encounters eight Space Monsters. To destroy these Monsters, they must be hit in the direct center. When a Space Monster with burning wings is destroyed, up to 400 points can be added to your score. When all the Space Monsters have been destroyed, the Earth Spaceship prepares for Stage III.

In this third stage of play, the Earth Spaceship is confronted with the Martian Space Battleship and its unseen forces. This Martian Battleship contains five closed chambers, each protected by a rocket flame. Each chamber opens periodically at random, to release a defending reserve of Martian attackers. When a flame below an open chamber is extinguished, point value of the Martian Space Battleship increases. This enemy ship can be destroyed by either eliminating all sixteen Martian attackers, or by extinguishing all five rocket flames. When the Martian Space Battleship finally explodes, the Earth Spaceship moves on to Stage IV.

This last stage of play begins with an emergency signal, SOS, SOS, SOS, AT ONCE RETURN TO EARTH. The Earth Spaceship is now ready to be guided on its journey, through a landing corridor, back to its home base. The Earth Spaceship must be carefully maneuvered around other spaceships in order to avoid destruction. Clearing flags will add bonus points to your score. When the Earth Spaceship has been safely maneuvered to its arrival target, 500 to 4,000 points will be added to your score, while bursts of fireworks greet your arrival and signal the beginning of a new round of play.

Game description from www.arcade-history.com

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